What Yo Mama Said


From 2011 until 2016, Elizabeth Hall Magill wrote her way into intersectional feminism via a blog entitled Yo Mama (‘cause there ain’t no Yo Daddy jokes). When she began writing, she didn’t consciously realize she was a feminist; by the time she had changed the blog to an author website and produced two books about sexism and intersecting forms of discrimination, she deeply understood both patriarchy and its antidote, feminism. This book is a collection of writings from the years she spent learning and writing feminism.

What Yo Mama Said includes essays and articles grouped by subject rather than chronologically. You’ll find some poetry, as well as pieces on motherhood, beauty, race, politics, sexual violence, the divine feminine, feminism, and culture, along with interviews with other authors and activists as well as friends and colleagues who have a unique perspective on patriarchy. It is the author’s hope that this book illuminates your journey as it has her own.

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