Sexism and U.S. History



Sexism and U.S. History fills in some important blanks for readers who want to know how American women got where we are today.  This is women’s history as it is rarely taught, for it covers the resistance to sexism that has always been a part of our national story.  The U.S. was founded as a patriarchy, in which some men had more rights and freedoms than other men and all women. Through questions like “How Did U.S. Women Gain the Right to Vote?”; “How Did the Civil Rights Movement Further U.S. Women’s Labor Rights?”; “What Shaped Pornography in the U.S.?”; and “What is Title IX?” Sexism and U.S History gives a brief overview of how sexism has affected groups of American women—and how American women and men have worked to reduce sexism and intersecting forms of discrimination.

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