She Rises, Volume Two: A Book Review


The second She Rises volume from Mago Books, How Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality, extends the discovery of the Goddess into the lived experience of our everyday lives. Here, you will find the voices of many women who have experienced the Divine Feminine within, connected with their own embodied Source, and found ways to live and communicate that experience in the external world.  This is vital work indeed, for patriarchy teaches us to externalize our power and our worth. Knowing an internal Feminine Source exists and seating your spirituality and activism within it are separate things, and this wonderful book will help you navigate the sometimes tricky terrain between the two.

Like the first She Rises volume, this book is divided into three parts (or Mothers), each with three sections (or Sisters).  Helen Hwang (an editor of the volume, along with Mary Ann Beavis and Nicole Shaw), summarizes the volume’s intention in her introduction:  “This book is NOT just about what we have discovered and what we have experienced about Goddess feminism, activism, and spirituality but what and how we do with our discoveries and experiences.”  As such, the book is a guide, or a map—it lights your way inward, and helps you bring your light into the world.

Moving from a patriarchal worldview (which we have all been taught as reality) to one seated within the Divine Feminine is a process.  Wherever you are on that path—or spiral, as the path tends to return and recede, return and recede, like the tide—you will find strength and guidance in the voices here. Many of them will seem to speak directly to you—through poetry, through artwork, through scholarly analysis.  This book is a treasure trove of Her wisdom, shared in a community of women pooling their individual experiences to speak of the common ground on which we stand:  how, exactly, to live from within while navigating the external structures of patriarchy.

This is an absolutely beautiful book—a book that holds magic, explicates magic, emanates the magic of embodied wisdom.  The pieces that spoke most deeply to me helped me take steps I had been hesitating to take, to shift from knowing to fully being in what Lucy H. Pearce describes as “a deeper, cyclical, Feminine power,” a power that Shireen Qudosi defines as “…something that helps you see reality as a kaleidoscope.”

The contributors to this volume have all lived that shift in perception. The sense of community here is palpable, as many distinct voices celebrate, remember, explain, and embody the Divine Feminine. This second She Rises volume is a must read for people who are shifting into their own place of deep wisdom—the voices here will light your way, and remind you that you are not alone.

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