Jill and Jack Kids

If clothes make the man, then they make the woman too—and the girl, and the boy.  As Jenn Neilson, founder of Jill and Jack Kids, puts it, “The clothes that kids wear influence their sense of self, what grown-ups talk to them about, and what interests they see as open to them.”  That’s why she started a company that makes shirts that challenge gender stereotypes.  Because she—along with others doing gender equality work for kids—knows that gender education begins at a very early age.  If a child’s world is divided into pink and blue, her options are limited before she even begins to develop her talents and interests.  Imagine the impact if children everywhere started wearing an orange T-shirt that reads, “Half of all T-rexes were Girls”:


True that.  And in bringing that truth to children’s clothing, we bring it to our culture—the idea that girls, too, can be fierce.  And what about the idea that boys can be nurturing?  Try this on for size:


These shirts are fantastic—both girls and boys can wear them, and get the idea that they are just people.  Curious, adventurous, smart, loving—all kids can be all things, no limits required.

Jill and Jack clothes are:


  • Eco-friendly and socially responsible | Made in Canada from US source materials.
  • Sizes 2 – 8. Perfect for handing down, whether you have boys, girls or both.
  • Retail Price: $22 (+ tax & shipping) | Special Kickstarter Price $25 (incl. shipping)

You might have noticed that there’s a special Kickstarter price—that’s because going beyond pink and blue takes time, money, and lots of effort.  So let’s spread the word about Jill and Jack Kids’ Kickstarter campaign, which is running through Friday, June 6th, 2014 and has a goal of $15,000.  I’d absolutely love to see this start-up get rolling, and then take off.  Because when we don’t limit our kids from the get-go, anything is possible.

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