A Word from Jay Smooth

Shoo-whee, that last post of mine got people talking!  And I’m glad:  we need to talk about sexism—what it is, why it is, and how to stop it.  As I’ve said in Masculinity and Sexism, it is imperative that men speak out against sexism.  And many men do. A male friend of mine sent me a video blog by Jay Smooth this week, in which Jay speaks out against the online harassment that Anita Sarkeesian faced when she started a project on Kickstarter to discuss the representation of women in video games.  I really appreciate my friend’s thoughtfulness in sending me this video, as now I can share it with you.

Note:  Although Small Town Sexism discusses the backlash I got when I spoke out against local sexism, that bullying was small potatoes compared to what Anita and many other women who speak out deal with.  Anita didn’t stop speaking out, and neither will I.

And now I’ll turn it over to Jay:

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