Madeline’s House: A Public Service Announcement


Today’s post is dedicated to raising awareness about a local haven for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse:  Madeline’s House.  This haven, which serves 12 Southside Virginia counties and works with shelters in all states, must vacate its current location.  Without the funds to find and renovate a suitable location, the women and children who depend on this 33-bed facility are in danger of losing the safety and support they need.

Madeline’s House is currently located in a small building on a large plot of land (1,500 acres) that is owned by Nottoway County.  The county recently sold this land, a part of Fort Pickett, to the U.S. State Department for use as a training facility for Department of State and other U.S. government staff.  The training will include small arms weapons training, driving courses, and classroom instruction. While this training is indisputably worthwhile, and the sale is a boon for the county, Madeline’s House is in danger of becoming a casualty of the sale.

To support efforts to find and fund a new home, Madeline’s House is asking the following:

  • Contribute to a Madeline’s House Capital Campaign to cover any relocation or renovation costs not covered by the minimal assistance anticipated from the levels of government involved in this major project.
  • Join the shelter’s letter-writing campaign to make targeted individuals and government officials aware of the problem.  Those wishing to participate in the letter-writing campaign can call or email Madeline’s House for a list of important names and addresses.
  • If you know of a potential new home for Madeline’s House, contact Madeline’s House Executive Director Emily Marshall at 434-292-1077.

To contribute to any of these efforts, contact Madeline’s House at 434-292-1077 or

I urge you to consider supporting Madeline’s House even if you don’t live in this area:  the shelter works with others all over the country, and it is places such as this that do the nitty-gritty, everyday work of helping disempowered women become empowered women, in control of their own lives.

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